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Fire and Life Systems


  • Increase peace of mind for the safety of the family
  • Immediate dispatch increases chances of lives and property saved
  • Additional discount on your homeowners insurance for fire devices
  • Think you are not at risk? Visit the NFPA to find out more.


  • Over 4,000 deaths are caused by fires each year in America. United States Fire Administration (USFA). Many of those could have been prevented with proper fire alarm systems.

  • Cooking is the leading cause of fires and injuries in single and multifamily homes. With smoke and fire alarm systems from Home Security Systems Inc., help can be on the way in no time!

  • Reports by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that In one-quarter of recorded home fires the off the shelf, do-it-your-self smoke alarm did not work.

  • According to the Home Safety Council, 97% of homes today have at least one basic smoke detector. However, statistics repeatedly show that having just one off-the-shelf smoke alarm is rarely adequate to protect your family and property. With Home Security Systems Inc. monitored fire alarm systems, you get total home protection.

  • Home Fire Alarm Systems Protect Against Fire & Smoke Every year in America, over 400,000 residential fires destroy an estimated $4.7 billion in property. In addition, the United States has a fire death rate that is two times greater than most European nations. Only a home fire alarm system developed with the latest technology and equipment can effectively detect smoke and fire, protect your property and save your life. Home Security Systems Inc. can install and monitor a state-of-the-art monitored smoke and fire alarm system in your home.

Advantages of Fire Systems:

  • Home Security Systems Inc. home fire alarm systems are an enhancement to your overall home security, offering complete protection by utilizing advanced monitoring technology in a smoke detector and fire alarm. Systems from Home Security Systems Inc. use multiple monitoring methods (giving you added protection), which include ionic, photoelectric and heat detection sensors. To ensure your well-being on every level, Home Security Systems Inc. can also provide monitored carbon monoxide detectors with any fire alarm system.

  • Home Security Systems Inc. Complete Home Protection Protecting your home with monitored security and fire alarm systems that include monitored smoke detection is a wise choice. The sooner a fire or intruder is detected and emergency responders are notified, the greater the chances your loved ones and possessions will remain safe. Whether you are traveling, sleeping or shopping, your security system is always working to protect you from the number-one intruder - fire!

Fire Devices Commonly Used:

SMOKE DETECTORS - Smoke Detectors are required in current building codes of today. Although most are non-monitored smoke detectors meaning that they are not connected to your security system and will not notify your monitoring facility in the event of a Fire. 

HEAT DETECTORS - In Texas Heat Detectors are not required by local building code. However they are often placed in areas where fires are very likely to occur such as Kitchens, Garages, Utility rooms, and Mechanical rooms, and Attics. 

CO DETECTORS – Carbon Monoxide is known as a silent killer and hundreds of people are accidently killed in their homes each year as the result of this toxic gas. In most cases, these deaths could have been prevented by having carbon monoxide detectors. Carbon monoxide detectors that are tied into your alarm system will send a signal to our central office and the fire department will be dispatched. If you want peace of mind knowing your family is protected and possibly save a life, then we suggest you invest in these devices.

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