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Intrusion Detection Systems


Home Security Systems, Inc. is a G.E. authorized dealer; therefore use only high quality components in our installations and repair services.

Devices Commonly Used:


Contacts are sensors that are used to detect if a door or window has been opened and is part of what we consider to be part of the perimeter protection. These devices do not detect if the glass has been broken.


Glass break detectors are typically ceiling mounted devices and are used to detect a burglar shattering the window of a premises, as many burglars tend to smash out the glass and entry though the glass opening the door or window without actually opening it. These devices are also considered perimeter protection and help with contacts to cover some of the most common types of entries.


Motion detectors offer a differ type of protection often referred to as interior or secondary protection depending on their intended purpose. These devices are also offered in a pet-immunity form and can distinguish the difference between a small pet and a person, which will allow the pet to roam freely throughout the house without the fear of false alarms.


Photo electric beams typically used for a special purpose, most commonly outdoors as they are more stable than motion detectors in harsh environments. PE beams are often used as additional protection as a pre-warning device and can even be used to trigger sirens and lights on the property.


These are much like a regular contact just on a different scale. Even if these devices are not used as an alarming zone they can be used to trigger a reminder to close your garage door or gate before arming your system.


If you have a wine cellar or a temperature sensitive environment Home Security Systems can install a temperature alert sensor and can be configure to alarm if the temperature gets too hot.


Everyone knows how bad water damage from a broken pipe or appliance can be. Leaks can often be overlooked; water sensors can help minimize the damage. These devices are often installed in drip a pan under your AC unit, water heater, washer, bathrooms, under sinks and other places leaks are likely to form.

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